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Novos planos de alojamento web, optimizados para Gestores de Conteúdos (CMS) e E-Commerce


A, líder nacional de mercado na prestação de serviços web, anuncia hoje o lançamento de novos serviços de alojamento web optimizados para Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop e Magento.

A fornece Office 365 e Email Empresarial


A e a Microsoft Portugal anunciam uma parceria para fornecimento do Office 365 às pequenas e médias empresas em Portugal

Claranet SOHO is a market leader in the .PT domain name registration


Claranet SOHO, a Claranet Group company, is the market leader for .PT domains with over 40,000 active records, representing a market share of 20% of all active .PT domains.

Claranet SOHO acquires Visual Fusion


Claranet SOHO, is a division of Claranet Portugal - focused on providing web hosting, virtual servers and dedicated servers, trading under the Domí and Esoterica brands - has just acquired RedeVF, operating as Visual Fusion. Founded in 2007 in Maia, Visual Fusion is a provider of web services and online stores ( This acquisition strengthens the position of Claranet SOHO as a major provider of web hosting services in Portugal.

New website launch


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website and backoffice available at here to discover what's new!! will launching a new website and back office

30/04/2015 will launching a new website and back office in the coming days. Watch out for upcoming communications so you can get all the information about the new website and access to new backoffice.

New payment information


From April 1st 2015 will be changing its bank details, so please use the new payment details available here.

Christmas and New Year working hours


We would like to inform all our customers that we will be closed on the 24th and after 1 pm on the 31st of December.

Flesk now part of the Claranet Group


We are pleased to share with you that Flesk Telecom (operating as  have taken an important step forward by merging with the Claranet Group (, a rapidly expanding European Managed Service Provider, in Portugal since 1995.

Register your .EU domain


During April 2014 you can register your .eu domain for 1 year for €7.95 + VAT. Benefit from this offer now!

More mailboxes in the Business plans


We have increased the number of mailboxes available for the Business Hosting Plans (Windows and Unix).

DNSSEC implementation

28/03/2014 implemented DNSSEC and has about 42% of the .pt domains with DNSSEC under our own management.

Protocol with IEFP


Flesk Telecom signed a protocol with IEFP allowing us to offer a package including domain, emails, web service and website builder to unemployed people who want to create their own projects.

New TLDs have been launched


Internet addresses grown to offer more than 700 new top-level domains: .email, .domains, .luxury, .bike, .photo and .social are some of the new top-level domains recently approved by ICANN.

High demand for .PT domains


The .PT domains are still in great demand! In 2013, 83,428 .PT domains were registered. joined the '3 em 1' initiative

26/11/2013 joined the DNS.PT '3 em 1' initiative, in order to push the 'Empresa na Hora' (ENH) project. This initiative offers, free of charges for 1 year, to all the companies created under this project, a package of services including a .pt domain, web hosting, mailboxes and a website development tool.

Google AdWords offer

11/11/2013 offers all our customers (required to have at least one active service) a Google AdWords coupon.  

Flesk Telecom attendeded a Scheneider Electric event


Flesk Telecom attendeded a Scheneider Electric event, wich took place on 31st October, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the InfraStructure Architecture for datacenters in Portugal. joined ACEPI's iniciative called "Dia das Compras na Net 2013"

26/10/2013 has joined the "Dia das Compras na Net 2013", an ACEPI initiative which occurred on the 25th of October.

A Flesk Telecom, Lda. in a Case Study by Spam Experts


Flesk Telecom's datacenter was the subject of a Case Study conducted by Spam Experts, a leading company in Email Security services. launches Enterprise Email service

16/07/2013 has launched its Enterprise Email service. Subscribe to this service today and take your office with you, wherever you go!

Flesk Telecom joins R1Soft as “Elite Partner”


Flesk Telecom, trading as, has joined R1Soft as an “Elite Partner”, enhancing our Dedicated Servers Backup offer.

Lower prices for .PT domains


We have lowered the .pt, and domain registration fee from € 13.95 to € 11.95 + VAT (1 year).

Parallels Certified Professionals


Parallels Certified technicians: We continue to invest in certifying our customer support team and now have 7 "Parallels Certified Automation Professionals".

May's offer of the month


During the month of May 2013 we are offering all our customers the possibility of registering a .xxx domain for 1 year for only € 11.95 + VAT (previously € 79.00 + VAT).

Flesk Telecom celebrates its 12th anniversary


Flesk Telecom Lda., trading as, is happy to celebrate its 12th anniversary. Our success is a result of the trust that our customers, partners and friends have placed in us over the years, and would not have been possible without the commitment and dedication of our staff. Our thanks to everyone! offers a Remote Backup service

18/09/2012 offers a 5GB Remote Backup service to all its customers.

New lower price for .PT domains


New lower .PT domain registration price - Now only 13,95€ + IVA (1 year).

Register the your .PT domain at the best price


You are now free to register your .PT domain at the best price. Register now!

28,984 new .PT domains on the 1st week of liberalization


FCCN announces 28,984 new .PT domains have been registered on the first week of liberalization. has registered approximately 90% of its pre-order requests

04/05/2012 managed to register about 90% of all its customer domain reservations.

18,220 new .PT domains on 1st day of liberalization


FCCN announces that 18,220 new .PT domains have been registered on the 1st day of liberalization.

The registration of .PT domains has been liberalized!


The registration of .PT domains has been liberalized! offers a pre-registration service for .PT domains

13/03/2012 offers a pre-registration service for .PT domains at € 10.95 + VAT. Order your .PT domain now for the 1st of May 2012 liberalization process. Money back guarantee should your chosen domain not get registered.

.PT domain registration will be liberalized


The .PT domain registration will be liberalized as of the 1st of May 2012.Protect your .PT identity before the liberalization!

New opening hours


As of  January 2012 our opening hours have been extended. Both our Helpdesk and our technical support teams will now be available by phone and email, from 9:00h to 19:00h!

Protect your brand and your company!


.INFO domains - 4,95€ .ES domains - 11,95€ .ME domains - 11,95€

.XXX domains liberalized


The .XXX domain has been liberalized! Register yours now! has upgraded its control panel

17/10/2011 has upgraded its cluster servers control panel (H-Sphere) in the early hours of the 14th of October 2011.  

The .XXX domain registration will be liberalized soon


The registration of .XXX domains will be liberalized as of the 6th of December 2011.

.ES domains now available for registration

02/08/2011 now offers .ES domain registration services.

Dedicated servers at amazing prices


Amazing prices for dedicated servers! Click here to configure and obtain a quote for your dedicated server.

Flesk Telecom Lda. has performed a technical migration to its new data center


On May 28th 2011, Flesk Telecom Lda. carried out a technical migration to its new data center. The new data center was built from scratch using the best and latest technology in order to minimize the risk of failure and exponentially increase the quality of services provided to all customers. Flesk currently operates the largest data center in the South of Portugal.

Flesk Telecom is an APC case study


APC has chosen Flesk Telecom for a Case Study outlining its new data center protection solution which uses APC's cutting edge InfraStruxure.

We have doubled the MSSQL database offering


We have doubled our Reseller accounts MSSQL databases! The Reseller Basic plan has been upgraded from 2 to 4 MSSQL databases; Reseller Start goes from 4 to 8 databases and MSSQL Reseller Value plan has grown from 8 to 16 MSSQL databases. offers discount on Windows Dedicated Servers

01/03/2011, a Microsoft Certified Partner, offers a discount of €150 to the first 16 Windows Dedicated Servers subscribed as of 01/03/2011.

We have increased the resources of our shared plans!

02/02/2011 has once more increased the resources of our shared plans: Business Evolution now offers 10 emails (increased from 5 to 10) and Business Express offers 35 emails (increased from 10 to 35).

Flesk Telecom Lda. has been recognized as PME LEADER!


Flesk Telecom Lda., operating as, has been recognized as PME LEADER by IAPMEI.

Flesk Telecom celebrates its 10th anniversary


Flesk Telecom Lda., trading as, celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2011. sponsors the project “Ideias em Caixa 2010”

20/12/2010 sponsors, together with Caixa Geral de Depósitos, the University of Algarve and other renowned institutions, the “Ideias em Caixa 2010” project organized by CRIA and part of the "Faro Entrepreneur" event.

New VAT rate


The VAT rate has changed in Portugal from 20% to 21%. reduced the price for .pt domains


Lower prices for .PT domains (1 year - before €21,95 now €17,95; 3 years - before €44,95 now €35,90; 5 years - before €64,95 now €53,85).

.PT domain registration with new rules from July


New rules for .PT domain registrations have been lauched on July 1st 2010.

More disk space for reseller accounts

01/07/2010 has once again increased the disk space for the Reseller accounts: Reseller Basic (6GB to 30GB), Reseller Start (12GB to 45GB), and Reseller Value (20GB to 60GB).

New upgrade for Business accounts

08/06/2010 upgraded the Business accounts and is now offering unlimited traffic as well as more disk space: Business Evolution (1GB to 10GB), Business Express (3GB to 20GB), Business Corporate (6GB to 30GB) and Advanced Business (10GB for 40 GB).

Pre-registration of .CO domains is now available


Pre-registration of .CO domains is now available. is now available on social media

14/04/2010 is now available on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Unlimited traffic upgrade and more disk space for all Reseller hosting plans


Unlimited traffic upgrade and more disk space for all Reseller hosting plans: Reseller Basic (4GB to 6GB), Reseller Start (9GB to 12GB), and Reseller Value (18GB to 20GB).

New MB payment service

04/03/2010 uses a new Multibanco payment provider, which replaces the entity number 10226.

Control panel upgrade

02/12/2009 will be upgrading its cluster servers control panel in the early hours of the 6th of January 2010.  

ASP.NET 3.5 is now available for Windows shared hosting


Support for ASP.NET 3.5 applications on Windows shared hosting accounts.

Free DNS management service

08/06/2009 releases the free DNS management service. mail servers require authentication


From May 25th 2009 onwards, Domínios.PT's mail servers will require SMTP authentication.  

.PT and .COM.PT domain prices updated


The .PT and .COM.PT domain prices have been updated.

New company name


The company that owns the brand has been renamed 'Flesk Telecom, Lda.'.

IPv6 availability


Support for IPv6 throughout our infrastructure. becomes LIR

17/07/2008 has become a Local Internet Registry entity. offers free Google advertising

12/11/2007 is pleased to offer a €50 Google AdWords coupon to all its customers.

Renewed domain management Backoffice


The new domain management Backoffice has been released.

Support for MySQL 5.0 available


Support for MySQL 5.0 databases on all our hosting plans.

Customer base acquisition

15/04/2007 has purchased Substância's hosting customer portfolio.

New servers with PHP 5 support


New servers with PHP 5 support in all Unix hosting plans. releases a new website

20/03/2007 launches a new website and a refreshed identity.