Remote Backup

Protect your data

Remote Backup

Computer data is increasingly significant for companies and for all professionals using PCs and internet for their business and projects.

In this day and age the information stored on your PC is of extreme importance, therefore, ensuring that you have an up-to-date copy is vital, so that you do not risk permanently losing vital business or project files.

Remote Backup features

Remote Backup service allows you to make backups of the information stored on your PC such as emails, images or documents, which are extremely important to your business.

These backups will be encrypted with a personal key and tranfered through a secure Internet connection to a secure server. You may access these backups at your convenience whenever you need to perform more backups or to restore them.

Storage Price  
Trial Trial (15 days)
500GB 12,50 € / month
1TB 20,00 € / month
2TB 20,00 € / month