Acceptable Use Policy

Please read our AUP

ACCEptable use policy (aup) is a trademark owned by Claranet Soho, SA (formerly Flesk Telecom. Lda.).

We've been operating in the domestic market since 2001 and have become market leaders for domain registration, web hosting and server housing.

The AUP defined by Claranet Soho, S.A. applies to our shared and dedicated hosting, virtual servers, cloud servers and housing services.

This Acceptable Use Policy is intended to protect both our customers and systems and services, in order to ensure the availability and security of both.

Security of networks and systems

Users are not allowed to breach or attempt to breach any of the systems part of the infrastructure, namely its security systems.

The following activities are not permitted:

a. Hacking or attempted hacking of a server.

b. Server cracking, brute-force or dictionary attacks without the owner’s consent.

c. Probing a server for open ports (port scan).

d. Non-authorized search for vulnerabilities in servers, networks and services.

It is strictly forbidden to falsify data in order to deceive or mislead the data recipients, which include but are not limited to:

a. Tampering of IP addresses (IP Spoofing).

b. Tampering of ARP addresses (ARP Spoofing).

c. Tampering of headers in email messages.

It is expressly forbidden to intentionally interfere in the smooth running of servers, services or networks, including but not limited to:

a. Malicious overload in order to disrupt the normal system or network services (Denial of Service).

b. Sending bulk packages (Flooding).

c. Any attempt to block or disrupt services, servers or networks.

Contents hosting users/customers are solely responsible for the content hosted on our servers and should therefore safely manage the access to them.

The following are strictly forbidden either in shared or dedicated hosting:

a. Unlawful use of copyrighted content.

b. Paedophile content.

c. Contents encouraging criminal acts.

d. Contents that promote violence.

e. Illegal content.

f. Offensive or discriminatory content based on religion, sex or race.

g. Attempting to acquire sensitive user information masquerading as a trustworthy website (Phishing).

h. Viruses, Trojans, malware or any other malicious software.

i. Sharing or exchanging copyrighted software or information.

j. Software enabling the use of servers as ”Open Relay“ or ”Open Proxy“.

k. Unlicensed software.

l. Outdated software with known bugs or exploits that may lead to hostile server control.

m. The installation of proxies or NAT.

n. The installation of anonymizers.

Shared hosting

Given that this is service shared by several users, CPU, Disk or Memory usage that may negatively impact on the in the smooth running of the servers and services, is not allowed.

The following are strictly forbidden for hosting and housing services:

a. CPU use above 25% for more than 90 seconds.

b. Using more than 100.000 files on the hosting account.

c. The use of shared hosting as backup service.

d. The use of the hosting service for file exchange.

e. Creating cron jobs with breaks lower than 15 minutes.

f. Peer-to-peer software iinstallation.

g. The use of web spiders or indexers.

h. Exceed the limit of 600 emails/hour.

i. Database only accessible to websites.

Email and anti-spam policy

Email abuse causes disturbances and losses to infrastructure as well as to other users and third parties directly and indirectly, as it has a negative effect on the system operation and support service.

In addition to the above above, any email that impacts negatively on infrastructure or blacklists its IP addresses will also be considered SPAM.

The following practices are forbidden:

a. Sending SPAM.

b. Sending email to SPAM traps.

c. Sending bulk unsolicited commercial or personal emails.

d. Sending emails to those who have opted-out.

e. Use of our servers as SMTP ”open proxy“ or ”Open Relay“.

f. Hosting of pages that provide SPAM services.

g. Hosting of pages advertised by SPAM sent from other networks (”spamvertising“).

h. Any action that may blacklist Claranet Soho IP addresses.

Should any of the above rules be breached,  reserves the right to immediately suspend the hosting service without any compensation.

IP assignment has its own range of IP addresses that assigns to each server. You may not:

a. Use IP's other than those allocated.

b. Use IP's from other servers.

c. Dedicated IP not allowed on Web Domain Plans


Whenever abusive acts are detected and the intervention of is required to fix the issues caused, may, without any prior consultation of the client, either:

a. Notify the customer by email or phone to stop the abuse or violation of the current AUP within 24 hours.

b. Resolve the issue and charge the customer for the technical intervention based on the current hourly rates as outlined on our website.

c. Immediately suspend the service without prior notice to the customer if justifiable due to the seriousness of the situation.

General considerations

a. reserves the right to temporally or permanently suspend any hosting services (shared hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual servers, cloud servers and housing services) without any refund of the unused period if this AUP is violated.


b. reserves the right to suspend any service if it causes any type of damages to our infrastructure or to the services provided by us to other customers.


c. reserves the right to revise its policies and this AUP at any time and without prior notice. The updated AUP can be found on our website.


d. will not be held liable for any damages caused due to the cancellation of your website or service if this AUP is violated.